tATu Not Gonna Get Us 2003 MTV Movie Awards

All the Things She Said. Not Gonna Get Us. Live. This performance is already on Youtube, but I believe this copy is a little better quality.


Tim Jones

I didn't know Billy Joel Armstrong was in tat

Kosmos Channel

So where's such a bomblike blowed projects on russian music nowNo one...Fucking bilans and thimatys only..

Kosmos Channel

It was a crazy 90's,we get a fun how we ca

Другие комментарии

Alexandria Nasset

I wish award shows could be awesome again

Von Lod

What year is this

Vitali Kashkan



the movie awards always have the best performance

leo vincent luc

OmG !!!!! thst's the real shit with the tatus!!!!

Carlos Rosrigez

Amo esta época. Y a ellas más !!



masivv music

El paraíso de P Diddy. Echo un loco

Gabriel Ap

Performance Amazing

Anthony Gossow

our 1st lesbo crush ever!

edgardo dapino

15 años robando con tres canciones y unas falsas escenitas lesbo. ¡buh


amesing performance great memory!

SorrowFahrenheit Kelevra

Аж мурашки по кож

Vicente Zavala

haaah back then this was taboo and shit now we got twerking and stuff how things have change

Gigi Harris

haha I remember thi

Kinbela Jean

Did P. Diddy have to look so thirsty Hahha awesome

ms nicole

hot song, hot babes, hot performance


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