Kpop Boy Groups Dance Girl Group Dances WEEKLY IDOL EDITON

who do you think does the best girl group dance thanks for watching and please comment video requests so i know which videos you guys want so i'll get those out quicker. although i do have some video

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ideas already hope you enjoy!

: videos belong to their rightful owners :


bicherica :D

BTS is the best

magic fairy

bts slays :

Juan José Marchena Chacón

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Juan José Marchena Chacón
Ангелина Острельдина

Bts лучше всех

Toxsummi Toxic
Emma Ko

GOT7 is killing me om

Emma Ko

Monsta X is having too much fun with thi

Anime Otaku
Iona Lovatt

Question: why are alot of kpop groups same sex I'm probably just being an idiot and havnt found one yet because im new to the kpop world but the ones i have seen are just boy groups or girl groups. I'm just curiou

Iona Lovatt

Omg yass. Nosebleed

He got no jams So just add tae with suga
Muser Kitty


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Kpop Boy Groups Dance Girl Group Dances WEEKLY IDOL EDITON

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