HermitCraft 4 - 96 PART 2 MAKING AMENDS FREAKS Minecraft 110

HermitCraft Season 4
HermitCraft is a whitelisted vanilla Minecraft SMP server, season 4 is running Minecraft 1.10

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Jessassin -
Joe.H -
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Welsknight -
xB -
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Zueljin -


Ragged Cow

Perfect response here, Iskall. You nailed the hidden hues good, way to go!Awesome video as usual, congrats

andrew nelson

Iskall, I guess you are not brand new ;-


1) Solve the puzzle by accident2) find the actual solution by - again - accident3) still beat every other HermitWell, that's a typical Iskall!! x'

Другие комментарии

William Goosen

We ain't brand new, Iskall. We still love you. And well done on solving all the puzzles; you were more observant than the other Hermits were in their attempts, in my opinion

Wouter Hofstee

Thank you very much for redoing it! Love you!

nitai matan

If you were not talking you would do i

Lucas Hereld (duckman)

You and Tango need to punish rendog. Maybe that's what you use your contract for

Sebastiaan Van der Veken

i like how you still proved every freaking not so very nice comment wrong

Lukas Karlstroem (Lukasv123)



thumbnail got me cance


im not saying this because you are one of my favourite youtubers but because its true- i didnt notice that "quitter" sign so i think it was fair. Great job

joseph edz

You weren't lucky with the colours, you were smar

Klajdi Hoti

Iskall we do not want to learn stuff and things-SlipG8r We do not want to know aboat colours You stupid idiot And you call Xizuma a nerd!Don't mind the last words I said I was talking to myself!!


Is that enought for u guys

Skeleton King

iskall the nerd with glasse


longest intro ever (so boring

Bo Black

My dear crazy Swed, you are a feaking genius in your own right. Not only did you solve, trouble shoot and fix the hardest puzzle. But solved Hidden hues through trial and deductive reasoning without the given hints. What you have done is more than fair. Stand proud man

YouTube Veteran

Ur humerus style (and ascent) cheers me up after washing dishes in cooking class at school after it finished for 30 more minute

YouTube Veteran

Poor Xisuma. But thank u Iskall for redoing the section of the puzzle and I will make amends too. I will put a like on this video for putting a dislike on ur last one! YAY FOR ISKAL

Twentyøne Iskalls -

yes a second vide


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