Ani Lorak - The Dream of Brighter Day ESC NF 2008

23-02-2008. Ukrainian national final.


Olegs Kurdjukovs

Shady lady более запоминающая

Bogdan Katoula



A Dream of Brighter Day

I had a dream
I saw a flower crying
Her silent scream
Was tearing up the skies

You braved your fears
You saved her bleeding petals
You wiped her tears
She smiled and bloomed again

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Hey, look around youll see the light
Broken future, life denied
Feel the pain of soul betrayed
Dont look away!

What if it was you and I
What if it was our life
Its a difference we can make
For brighter day!/If we awake


We care we say
But words are cheap and empty
They pray, we fail
And children have to pay

Hold out your hand
We save ourselves by giving
The pain will end
Well make a brighter day
I pray my loving heart is beating
I know well I know well make a brighter da


why did she choose "Shady Lady" instead of this one

Eva Love

С этой песней была бы 100% победа


Amazing song!!!! I have the studio version if anyone wants, message me with emai


она просто БОМБАА!!!!!

Andreas Ektoras Official

"i heard a flower crying" that's what she says in the studio versio

Andreas Ektoras Official

"you saved her bleeding petals". She talks about a flower she saw on her dream that could actually speak or even cry


I love this song!.

Has anyone got it in .mp3 Apart from this live version . :


Is this her own song text

wee d

thats as much as i can hear lol probs got a few words wrong but thts the best i can do :

wee d

We care, we say,
But words are cheap and empty,
They pray, we fail,
And children have to pay...
Hold out, your hand,
We save ourselves by giving,
The pain, will end,
We'll make a brighter day.

wee d

Hey, look around you see the lie,
Broken future lost in night,
Feel the pain of soul betrayed,
Don't look away..
What if it was you and I,
What if it was all a lie,
It's a difference we can make,
For a Brighter Da

wee d

I had a dream,
I heard a silence crying,
Her silence scream,
Was tearing up the skies...
You bring your fears,
You said 'girl bleeding that does',
She wiped your tears,
She smiled and bloomed agai


has anyone the complete lyrics


This Shady Lady is... amazing ! :X ;


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