Naughty Boy - La La La ft Sam Smith

From Naughty Boy's debut album "Hotel Cabana"

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Video Directed by Ian Pons Jewell

Music video by Naughty Boy

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Performing La La La. © 2013
Naughty Boy Recordings Ltd, under exclusive licence to Virgin Records Ltd.


Agar Pro

Quem é br e n entendeu porra nenhumamais ouve pq achou legl

Super Mech

Ah..Boy voice spoiled all the tun

SonGoku Gohan

Can anyone tell me why the kid sing to a statue and why they leave him there. Did he want that the statue come with them

Другие комментарии

Arya Argitama


Игровой канал MMSki

I Love Russi

Catalin Tutunea

ce frumos

OssE lenGe

what's about this clip

Tiến Khưu Nguyễn Ngọc


saam Coj


Neetu/Savitri Vaswani


Blayzen Blair

this made me cr


Wow 762,708,219 view

frank the tank tank

wtf is this sh&%t this is so f$&%&%$ k wier

frank the tank tank

let all mexicans cros 1000like

Kiko Gomez

why did they leave him there... to die or wha

Zachary Lewis

That end thoug


The backstory behind this video makes me sa

Kaneki Brighton

So 2 adults end up kidnapping a kid that stole a dog and then abandon the kid in a cave and steal the dog from the ki

iris pasillas

I'm the only one that has heard this song about 1000000 times....

Diamone Fowler

Where is the child..


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