Halo 4 Infinity Intro

The video and introduction to "Infinity" mode in Halo 4. There are no story spoilers in this video, but if you do not want to watch this until November 6th, click out now! Otherwise, thanks for

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watching and enjoy! Next video coming at 3:45 pm EST time! This video has been approved by Microsoft PR.

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niklas runnsjö

tbh UNSC Infinty is small AF

Gary Chen (Tomveryshort)

Isn't space a vacuum why is there soun


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Brett Lee


Clay Pidgeon

Whatever happened to the frigates that are supposed to be accompanying Battlegroup Dakota There are supposed to be at least 26 in addition to the 10 the Infinity carries. Not to mention the pair of Vindication-class light battleships, several light carriers, and destroyers Why only cruisers

Sean Taylor

the pelicans are way too big in comparison to the ship they are landing/taking off from. That ship is 1425m long and the pelicans should look like flies buzzing around i


Woah INFINITY Is bigger than PO

UH-144 Falcon

Whats wrong with halo 4 Sure it might not be completely lore friendly and the loadouts is a bit of a change for the good if you dont like it stay on halo reach for fuck sake

christopher Evans Gamer plus OOTD vidoes

send this fleet to Saturn and then when the taken kings fleet comes then they will be a big battle with help from mara sov forces infinity vs dreadnaught well they would laucch fighters and see what happens

Jonathan Canfield

the halo fan in me is like."This is so epic."while the science fan in me is like."Why is there so much noise its space!"


Soundtrack for this intro




Somebody order a fleet o' whoop ass

2016's New Star Player

Apparently, Autumn Class ships (Inspired by the pillar of autumn) are about 300 meters longer, and boast much thicker armor, and have enhanced shields. I wonder why this vid doesn't show any Poseidion or Vindication class ships


"We are the giant's now."Infinity gets destroyed"We are the Mice now."

Anthony Long

I would love to serve on the Infinity....just not when Del Rio's the captain.


As cool as this cutscene is, I dislike the changes 343 has made to the Halo lore. Most importantly, it makes no sense that humanity would be able to rebound so quickly after nearly being annihilated at the end of Halo 3.The UNSC lost almost all of its colonies and resources, and had less than a dozen working ships after the war ended. While it's plausible they could have salvaged technology from the Covenant, they would not have had the resources or infrastructure to manufacturer a brand new fleet

Devin Harris

Angers Karen umm have you read fall of reach or played halo reach and like said look it up

Beren Edain

Commander Shepard You're on the wrong bloody ship! Get back to the Normandy damn it


so the UNSC is like the version of the Super Star Destroyer but for the UNS


Halo 4 Infinity Intro

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